We are celebrating our 15th Anniversary this year!

Mr Parking  has Offsite under-roof and under-shade parking approximately 10km from airport | Find us on Google maps at: 63 Maple Street, Pomona, Kempton Park.

Airport Parking is our speciality at the O R Tambo International Airport.

We provide an Airport Valet Parking Service (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valet_parking).

We treat your car with Tender Loving Care. We do an external wash of your car, if you need your car to be cleaned inside then we need instructions by email and it will cost R50 extra.

Please make sure that you have a spare set of keys easily available (After parking tens of thousands of cars over 15 years, we had the odd incident of a key not working or maybe lost - very rare - but always be prepared).

We collect and drop your vehicle off at Level 3 in the parking arcade.

Call us for a booking at: 072 903 8212 or 011 396 2647 or use the Contact us link above.

We operate from 04h00 (am) until 01h00 (am). Our office hours are from 08h00 (am) until 20h30 (pm). Delivery after 23h00 will carry a surcharge.

All valuables must be declared or removed from vehicles.

Please update your insurance to include: MrParking or its drivers as legally appointed to drive my vehicle. Make sure that your insurance do cover weather damage as well.

Our all hours number is: 072 903 8212
and our backup number is: 083 821 9046
(Please note all Vodacom numbers are weak at OR Tambo Int)

Please check our prices/rates we do a competitive price survey every second month and then adjust our prices accordingly.

You can rest assured that you will get the best Value for Money.

Last minute bookings should book at 072 903 8212 rather than online.

Quality airport valet parking at OR Tambo International Airport is our Mission.
We give a Money Back Guarantee.

TheSupport Team
Mr Parking™


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