Paul (Polokwane)

I have used Mr Parking recently when I went down to Cape Town. I did my booking online. I contacted them before I left home. They waited for me at the airport. When I came back I was surprised to get my car in such a clean condition. I didn’t have to go and search for my vehicle.

This is amazing service!!


Andre (Sandton)

I left my car in Mr Parking's hands when I went away to New York. Three weeks later I got my car on time and clean as usual at almost 70% saving.

I lost a vehicle at the airport once because of theft. Most people don’t realize that most insurers don’t pay out for a stolen vehicle if left unattended.


Sanet (Eastrand)

I am an auditor and a frequent flyer. I once left my vehicle at O R Tambo Int. When I came back, I found my car with a huge bump on one of it’s fenders. With Mr Parking I know my vehicle is safe.


Dr Van Der Merwe(Pretoria)

I have two practices one in Pretoria and one in Cape Town. I haven’t got time to leave my practice 3 to 4 hour before I have to go down to Cape Town. With Mr Parking I save time and money and I have peace of mind that my vehicle is in safe hands.


G L Geeringe(Auditor)

We recently decided to place our pool cars with Mr Parking. In my business appearance is important. Now we have our own vehicles on call al the time.

It’s so convenient and economical to.


Roger S (Business Owner, Johannesburg)

I am an expatriate (British). I was used to this type of service in London. Now we have it in Sunny S A. I recently had an urgent meeting in Durban.

I had no one to take me to the airport. I called Mr Parking on way to the Airport. I arranged to drop my keys off at the designated counter at the airport.

When I got back the next day my vehicle was at the airport. I didn’t even have to rely on expensive taxis and transfer services, nothing.


Riana (Opera Singer)

I travel a lot in S A to attend gigs. I don’t have to put my family and personel at risk when they drop me off at the airport.

Mr Parking is one call away. It’s easy, affordable and convenient .

Do I have to say more? Thanks Mr Parking.


Craig (Director of a S A Blue Chip)

I don’t have to leave my Maseratti at home and ask personnel to take me to the airport. I jump in my car, call Mr Parking and it’s sorted.

When I get back I don’t have to worry that my vehicle was tampered with or watched by organized crime syndicates.


Lee X (Chinese entrepreneur)

I was recently hijacked after I came back from O R Tambo International.

I am glad to be alive. My tracking company discovered another tracking device on my vehicle, which the thugs used to track me down.

My insurance broker recommended Mr Parking. I feel much safer today and just wish I knew such a service existed before I got hijacked. I will refer their service to all my friends and colleagues.